As the year winds down… we find ourselves heading towards cooler weather, looking forward to the holidays, and a lot of us are in the kitchen a whole lot more… If you’re like me and love to cook, you’ll enjoy stumbling upon a great recipe online… though, I have to caution you… if you ever make the mistake of searching the words, cake of light or spirit cooking you’ll get more than you asked for! 

A cake of light is a eucharist found within the religion of Thelema, but let me explain what a eucharist is. Within the Catholic religion, a eucharist would be defined as ceremonial bread or wine, but when English occultist Aleister Crowley formed his own religion in the 1800s called Thelema, the cake of light ritual became his eucharist. 

The cake is a symbol of the union between man and the divine. The cake must be created in a ritual and then consumed. Much like any other religion, there is a bible of sacred text which includes instructions to create the cake of light. That book was called the book of law.

The recipe calls for honey, thick leavings of red wine, oil of Abramelin, olive oil, and fresh blood. The book of the law states that the best blood is from a woman’s monthly cycle or the fresh blood of a child. Other instructions go on to guide you to burn the cake and eat it. 

At times, this cake is created with other bodily fluids, including sperm and menstrual blood, it’s then baked in the shape of a small wafer. The cake of light ritual is mostly isolated to the Thelema religion, but in current times, we are now seeing a similar ritual called Spirit Cooking. 

Spirit cooking also makes use of bodily fluids. Particularly, blood, some use pigs blood,and some use human blood. Fresh breast milk, and fresh sperm are also used. This ritual was created by Serbian artist Marina Abramovic. 

Marina Abramovic is a Serbian performance artist and philanthropist. She claims her rituals are not satanic, but spiritual and the goal of the ritual is to connect spirits to our material world. Marina believes when we communicate and feed the spirits, they will answer our wishes. This type of offering ties you to a spirit who will serve you in this life.

It appears that Marina Abramovic is the 21st century’s Aleister Crowley. Crowley was a painter and an author and his cake of light ritual is identical to Marina’s spirit cooking. 

Some believe this is a satanic ritual and since Marina created it she must be a satan worshipper…she claims she is not. Though the Serbian artist does have most people wondering what her beliefs are as some of her performances contained gory or painful scenarios. Once she used a knife to stab between her fingers repeatedly. And on stage she carved a pentagram into her stomach… in another performance, she was half naked in front of an audience for 6 hours. During these six hours the audience was instructed to use one of 72 items that she left on a table, such as a knife, razor blades, feathers, flowers and even a loaded gun. The audience could select an item and do whatever they wanted to Marina, including killing her. Some Attached things to her, one man used a razor to cut her neck, and someone made her point a loaded gun to herself. Obviously, she lived through that.  These are just a few examples of her performance art, there are many more that are quite odd and lean towards occultism.

Later in 1996 in an Italian art gallery, causing more confusion, Marina painted instructions in pigs blood on a white wall. The instructions read : with a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand, eat the pain. 

Marina also published a cookbook. It’s titled a Spirit Cooking cookbook. The cookbook is a series of aphrodisiac recipes, that include recipes calling for fresh sperm and fresh breastmilk to be eaten on the night of an earthquake. Oftentimes she poses with a Baphomet looking goat’s head, this only riles up the conspiracy theorists.

In June of 2015, Marina invited Tony & John Podesta to a spirit dinner. John Podesta is a political consultant in the United States and served as White House Chief of staff for President Bill Clinton. Tony Podesta is an American Lobbyist. Emails between the three regarding a spirit dinner were exchanged and later leaked. Marina’s original email to Tony reads:

“Dear Tony, I am looking forward to the spirit cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining? All my love, Marina.”

Tony then emailed his brother John, “Are you in NYC Thursday July 9. Marina wants you to come to dinner.”

Tony Podesta attended the dinner. John did not. 

When these emails were leaked it set conspiracy theorists into full blown hysterics. You’re probably wondering why conspiracy theorists would be concerned about an American Lobbyist like Tony Podesta or former chief of staff John Podesta but that’s largely due to Tony’s strange home art collection. There are paintings and sculptures of naked teenagers and nearly naked children. One of the pieces is a headless body and some say it may have been inspired by a Jeffrey Dahmer victim. Other pieces appear to be full blown demons like creatures carrying children in cages on their backs. 

And during this period of time, we were full swing in election season, much like now. John Podesta was the chairman of Hilary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign.

For conspiracy theorists it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to link Marina Abramovic and Tony and John Podesta to some kind of satanic ritual. Marina denies that dinner being anything more than simply dinner. She’s insisted many times to the media, that it was just an actual dinner with a simple menu, with no blood or rituals, and she actually served a series of soups she had made. 

In fact, she states the dinner was to thank large contributors from her kickstarter page. The invitation on kickstarter read :

 A dinner night with Marina during which she will teach you and other backers at this level how to cook a series of traditional soups, which you will all enjoy together. The night will end with the making of a golden ball, a recipe given to Marina in a Tibetan Monastery. Marina will bring to this dinner a spirit cooking memento for each backer to keep.

It’s difficult in a situation like this to debunk conspiracy theorists, especially when Marina Abramovic’s spirit cooking very much resembles Aleister Crowley’s cake of light ritual. Spirit cooking is associated with cannibalism, satanism, and those that follow Marina’s spiritual cooking have been labelled as a cult. 

However, if you actually read a bit of her book, you find that Marina combines real ingredients with spiritual ideas. 

One entry in the book reads :

“Take 13 leaves of uncut green cabbage with 13,000 grams of jealousy steam for a long time in a deep iron pot until all the water evaporates eat just before attack”

This could be interpreted as dark poetry or you could view it as something more sinister. Is this just art or is this something much darker. For now… it’s unexplained….