Reptile Alien Cult

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Sherry Shriner was born in 1965 in Cleveland, Ohio. She attended Kent State University and graduated in 1990 with a degree in Journalism, Political Science, and Criminal Justice. By the early 2000s, she began discussing conspiracy theories online. Her theories consisted of discussions about an alien-reptile cult. She began a Facebook page and over time created websites. At one point she created her own radio station and her YouTube had over 20,000 subscribers.

All of her followers were devoted to her mission of exposing shapeshifting politicians.

Sherry began to believe that there was a New World Order and believed that anyone with a political background was involved. This included anyone from Barack Obama to Queen Elizabeth. She even stated Melania Trump was a shapeshifting lizard.

These shapeshifting lizards were ruled by alien overlords who were set to dominate the world and create a one-world order. Obviously, when conspiracy theorists create social media, pages and groups, other conspiracy theorists join them and soon you have a massive reach and following.

With such a large following, Sherry went on to self-publish several e-books and created large amounts of YouTube videos. She began to describe herself as a prophet, messenger, or even a daughter of the highest god. Her belief system promoted a religion so to speak that believed in UFOs, vampires, doomsday theories, and conspiracy theories.

As her following grew, she would go on to create sites like, they want you, just give me the, and which is the only website still in existence. Sherry stated that the websites were viewed over 3 million times a month.

By 2016, Sherry would tell her followers that they’d been seeing large amounts of clones, or robots. She would claim that 90% of them would be seen on tv, as celebrities, politicians, news anchors, and more.

Sherry would also preach to her followers that the pseudoscientific concept, Orgone is used to defeat clones. Orgone is described as energy or a universal life force, basically, it’s accumulated energy. But Sherry Shriner was convinced that Orgone could completely defeat robots and clones.

She would go on to raise over $100,000 to create what she called, ‘Orgone Blasters’, these blasters would be worn and were believed to protect against things like zombies, aliens, and other beings. Sherry also sold orgone rocks on her website, starting from  $34 to $288.

On her radio show, she always made sure to explain that others would call her and her followers crazy, but they just needed to believe.

One particular follower, Kellie Pingilley was 19 years old and college-bound but became involved with Sherry Shriner and abandoned her plans for college at the insistence of Sherry.

Sherry convinced Kellie that college was a waste of time and she should come to work on Sherry’s radio show, “Aliens in the News.” She worked with Sherry transcribing the show at first and over time, she became more involved and eventually found herself in New York City joining in protests against a New World Order.

In time it was obvious that Kellie’s head was filled with apocalyptic thoughts which caused her to not be able to function daily. By December 28th, Kellie intentionally overdosed on sleeping pills leading to her death.

Sherry Shriner went on to tell others that Kellie’s death was made to look like a suicide by a NATO hit squad.

By July of 2017, another follower of this cult had died, but this time at the hands of a fellow cult member.

Stephen Mineo was shot by Barbara Rogers, his girlfriend. The couple belonged to the online cult that Sherry Shriner led. The two had gone to a local bar and had drinks til 2 am, once arriving home after Stephen wanted to go out into the woods and shoot his gun.

Barbara claimed that once in the house Stephen put his gun to his but wrapped her hand around it and he told her to pull the trigger.

After Barbara’s arrest, authorities learned this situation didn’t begin the night of Stephens’s death, about 2 months prior, Sherry would insinuate that Barbara was a reptile because she ate raw meat.

Stephen reacted to this and asked Shriner why she and her followers were accusing his girlfriend Barbara of being a reptile. This feud caused the couple to break free from Sherry Shiner, Stephen was quite upset as he had been a follower since 2004.

But over time Stephen set out to expose Sherry for strange beliefs. He went on to make videos exposing Sherry and her cult and uploaded them to YouTube and as a result, he and Barbara were attacked constantly by the cult members.

After Stephens’ death, Sherry would state that she tried to save Stephen from Barbara, who Sherry would call a Vampire Witch Reptilian Super Soldier. Sherry would state that Stephen is now dead because he wouldn’t listen.

Sherry Shriner passed on January 28th 2021, she suffered from a coronary heart attack, it was stated that her death was caused by natural caused and not external factors.

As with all cults, Sherry shared her own belief systems which had no concrete evidence to support them. She even claimed to have had conversations with the devil and gained quite a bit of attention with her book titled, Interview, the book consists of her conversations with the devil.

What do you think? Was she on to something? Or was it just nonsense from the mind of a mad woman. For now, I think we leave this to the realms of the unexplained…

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