Who is the Saint of Death?

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Image result for santa muerteWho is the Saint of Death? According to Mexican Folklore she is a grim reaper figure and has many followers who believe if they offer sacrifices and perform rituals, she will assist them in life. Though, some of her followers believe she can assist them in invoking curses and black magic. Santa Muerte is not approved or accepted by the Catholic church and her roots are unclear. Some believe the legend is a combination of Catholicism and Aztec legend Mictecacihuatl, which was their queen of the underworld and afterlife.  This female, skeletal saint has become somewhat of a new religion with followers all over the world. Since the skeleton saint is titled the Saint of Death, it should come as no surprise as she is included in most Day of the Dead Celebrations. Some say if you pray to her she protects those who pray to her from crooked cops and criminals as well as anything that is unjust. Do you know someone that follows and believes in Santa Muerte? Share your experiences below in the comments!


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