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Image result for baba vangaBaba Vanga was born Vangeliya Pandeva Dimitrova and later named Baba meaning, grandmother. Vanga was born premature and suffered from many health issues as a result. Born in Strumica, Bulgaria, her name Vangeliya was selected by a stranger on the street, it was a local tradition for the family not to name a distressed newborn until they determined it’s survival, then a stranger is asked to select the name. Vangeliya seemed to be a typical child with brown eyes and blonde hair and a cheerful demeanor, she lost both parents around the time of World War I. Her father an IMRO activist who conscripted into the Bulgarian Army was gone with the military and her mother passed away shortly after his departure. 

After World War I, Vangeliya’s home town Strumica was emigrated to Serbia, but due to her fathers IMRO activity, Serbian authorities arrested him and confiscated all of his belongings and left him in poverty. Eventually, Vanga’s father remarried and gave her a step mother. Through her early childhood she used to love to pretend to be a healer, always trying to soothe and help others.

At one point, Vangeliya was caught in a tornado and thrown into the air and tossed into a crop field, she was missing for many days. Searchers spread out in hopes of finding her and when she was found she was frightened, uninjured except her eyes had become damaged from the dirt and the dust. Her family only had limited money and couldn’t afford all the surgeries needed to correct her eyesight, gradually she lost her eyesight completely. Vanga claimed that during the time she was missing she had her first vision and knew her mission on Earth was to heal and help people.

Image result for baba vanga Vanga began attracting many with her abilities, especially during World War II, believers would visit her to learn the whereabouts of their loved ones or where they may have died. Vanga married in 1942, her husband was a believer of her abilities and had come to her asking who killed his brother, he swore to her he would not seek revenge if she told him who the killer was. Dimitar Gushterov, was a Bulgerian soldier he fell ill in 1947 and fell into alcoholism and then passed in 1962.Vanga spent many years in a school for blind where she learned to read from Braille, cook, knitting, and cleaning. When her stepmother passed away, she went home to care for her younger siblings. This is when she began hearing voices, having strange dreams, speaking to the dead and plants.

Many dignitaries visited her over the years as well. After World War II, many leaders from various Soviet Republics and Bulgarian politicians visited Vaga and consistantely sought her counsel. Vanga would explain that her abilities had come with the presence of invisible creatures, there are no clear explanations on this or the origin of the creatures, but she claimed the creatures gave her information and that distance and time meant nothing to these creatures. She often stated that life was similar to a film for her and changing “what was written on the generation” was beyond her abilities.

Vanga is most widely known for her predictions. In August of 1976 an actress and singer from Yugoslav, Silvana Armenulic was touring Bulgaria and requested to meet with Vanga, but the meeting was very sour, Vanga refused to speak to Silvana and told her to come back if she could in a few months. Silvana left in tears assuming she would not be able to come back due to some tragedy. Vanga’s prediction revealed true, Silvana died in a car accident, October 1976.

Other predictions : 

Vanga predicted that a World War III would start in November 2010 and last until October 2014, though the closest we came to this is when North Korea a nuclear weapon nation attached South Korea, this occurred on November 23rd 2010.

She predicted another ‘realm of being’ in which cultures could blend and spread through a false world, this would take place in 2003. The internet game, ‘Second Life’ was released in 2003, the game allows you to create an avatar and interact with others            all over the world and multiple cultures. Could this be what she predicted?

One prediction claimed men will make contact with brothers from other worlds in 200 years. She also claimed many aliens have been living on earth for years and their planet is the third planet from Earth. Their specific language is called, “VamFim”.

She predicted China would become the new superpower of the world in 2018, which would bring and end to the U.S. and it’s economy and other nations would become the exploited 3rd world. 

The ice caps will melt by 2045. Though the ice caps are already melting due to global warming, so her prediction could be accurate.

Baba Vanga predicted that the 44th US president would be an African American, but she had claimed that he would be the last one. According to her, he would leave office at a time when the country would be in economic ruins, and there would be a large divide between the northern and southern states just as we saw during the American Civil War. Many believe she meant he would be the last president… I believe she may have meant he may be the last African American president, not the last president. 

The continent of Europe will cease to exist by 2016, and all that would remain will be empty spaces and wasteland, with no life left. She is claimed that chemical weapons would be used by extremists against Europe.

 Vanga predicted that hunger will get eradicated sometime between 2025 and 2028.

 Humans will travel to Venus to search for new energy sources and possibly would set up a colony there.

Muslims will invade Europe, and there will be widespread destruction by extremists, which will go on for many years, until the continent ceases to exist.

 Islam will finish invading the whole of Europe by 2043, and Rome will be the capital of the new caliphate. 

Body organs will be cloned in 2046, and that would be the easiest method of treatment. 

“At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it.” This prediction refers to the  the sinking of Russian nuclear submarine the Kursk in 2000

Vanga predicted in 2100 a man-made sun illuminates the dark side of the planet. This is already in the pipeline  since 2008, scientists have been creating an artificial sun using nuclear fusion technology.

 There are many more predictions out there but unfortunately Vanga never wrote a book or kept them documented. Vanga passed on August 11th 1996 from breast cancer, many dignitaries and crowds of people came to her funeral. Her last will and testament requested that her home in Petrich be turned into a museum, the doors opened May 5th, 2008.

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