An Exploration of Dolls

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Join us through our exploration of dollsWhen you were a child you may have played with dolls, whether they were Barbie dolls, G.I. Joe action dolls, or Cabbage patch dolls! What was our fascination then? As we grow older and learn more about the world, our views change… and perceptions. Join us through our exploration of dolls, we take a look at some odd festivals, movies and legend surrounding dolls… In Japan, a Doll Festivalis held every year or as the Japanese titled it Hina-matsuri. The Doll Festival is held in March of every year, the purpose is to wish good health and happiness for young females. The origin of this festival comes from the Japanese sending bad luck on the backs of their paper dolls to be sent down a river in hopes of future good health and happiness. This fun and inspiring day/festival inspires the whole country to display hina dolls on ‘Girls Day’, you’ll find these dolls displayed in malls, and restaurants all over Japan.  Image result for idollatorsWhile Japan celebrates a doll in a fun way, you have the iDollator’s,loving dolls in the complete opposite way! An iDollator is one who prefers relationships with dolls over a human relationships. There are actual men that live, marry and carry on a full relationship with a doll. We aren’t talking about Barbie dolls, though, these are life size, anatomically correct dolls, created by the company, The most popular iDollator, is a man named Davecat, you can see his story on TLC’s ‘My Strange Addiction’. Davecat has married his life size doll Sedore, and has a mistress doll named Elena, all 3 live in his small Michigan apartment. These dolls provide love and companionship from those who own them and for some even a sexual relationship. There are many stories of this… check this out
Image result for isla de las munecasThe caretaker of the island, Don Julian Santana Barrera, found the little girl and was unable to save her life. After her death, Julian found a doll floating in the canals, believing the doll to belong to the dead girl, he hung the doll in a tree, which he felt was a way of showing respect to the girls spirit. At one point, Julian felt he was being haunted by the girls spirit, so he began hanging dolls from all the trees to please the girls spirit. Then there is the
Island of the Dolls or Isla de las Munecas. Legend has it that a little girl from the island died from drowning in a very suspicious manner and it is now believed that the dolls are possessed by her spirit. Locals, claim the dolls heads, eyes  and even arms move and many claim that you’ll hear whispers of the dolls when coming near the shore of the island. According to those who were close to Don Julian, he seemed to be forced to string the dolls up and surround the island with them. Some felt he had gone mad as a result of not saving the little girl. This island, which is actually a floating garden, you can find it South of Mexico City, between the canals of Xochimico. Annabelle doesn’t have quite the history that Chucky does, but is actually inspired by true facts! Annabelle first appeared to us in the movie ‘The Conjuring’ a movie about Master Psychics, Ed & Lorraine Warren. Though sometime after Annabelle recieved her own movie, ‘Annabelle’ Of course, we can’t forget about the horror movie dolls, that literally scare the shit out of us! Chucky from Child’s Play, is pretty terrifying and had us all rethinking birthday gifts! Chucky was a doll inhabited by the spirit of a serial killer in this classic horror flick. From the original film in 1988 to the upcoming ‘Chucky 7’, (yes I said it! Part 7 is coming to us in 2017!!!) Chucky has terrified us in every film and is later joined by other murderous dolls.Do you have any doll stories, legends or doll movies you’d like to share? Leave your thoughts and suggestions below!


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