A Halloween Disappearance

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Pamela Hobley and Patricia Spencer had a few things in common, they attended the same school, were invited to the same Halloween party, and went missing on the same day, though they knew of each other, they were never considered ‘friends’. 

On October 31st, 1969, both young women had similar plans, they would attend the homecoming football game their high school and then attend a Halloween Party they were both invited to. In small town, Oscoda, Michigan, this was how most teenagers planned to spend their Halloween night.

Patricia, 16 & Pamela 15, were both marked as truant that day at school. While they weren’t known to be friends, both young women were spotted by witnesses walking away from the school amidst a bomb threat occurring at the high school. They were witnessed walking in each others company.

Another witness came forward and indicated he picked the young women up on River Road and took them to downtown Oscoda to a gas station at River Road and Interstate 23.  River Road runs along the Au Sable River and the small town of Oscoda is located in northeast Michigan, alongside Lake Huron, in Iosco County. Oscoda High School is located on E. River Road, not far from the downtown area. 

The Chief of police has stated there is other information indicating the two young women were in downtown Oscoda that day. The individual who picked the pair up has been cleared as a suspect nor has any involvement. 

According to family and friends both young women never arrived to the homecoming football game and Halloween party.

Patricia Ann (Patty) Spencer was 16 when she disappeared, born on January 10th, 1953, she was 5’3-5’4 in height and 120 – 145 lbs in weight. With blue eyes, brownish-blonde hair, she wore glasses, but did not have them on that day. She was last seen wearing a brown pullover with a matching skirt, with a pair of high-heeled shoes. It is reported she had with her gray/green plaid jacket and a necklace with a peace sign. The only known scar she has is on one of her legs, due to a dog attack.

Pamela Sue (Pam) Hobley was 15 when she disappeared, born on May 24th, 1954, she was 5’6 – 5’8 in height and 110 – 115 lbs in weight. With brown eyes, brown hair, and distinctive marks on her face. One scar near her nose and another by her mouth. She was last seen wearing a white imitation fur coat that was edged with brown and a plaid skirt. Her shirt color is unspecified, but she wore high-heeled shoes with white socks.

Many have indicated that Pam was involved in activities her family did not approve of, such as drugs and alcohol, it is unknown if Patty also experimented. Though just prior to Pam’s disappearance she accepted a marriage proposal from her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was cleared of all involvement in the case. 

Both girls were close to their families and friends which makes their disappearance even more strange. 

Pam had indicated to her mother and sisters that she would be home immediately after the Halloween party. The rest of her family went on to trick or treat and discovered she hadn’t come home when they returned. Concerned, her fiancé informed her mother that she never made it to the party. Pam’s mother began making phone calls to other parents to determine where she might be, but discovered that Patty also never made it to the party as was now missing as well. 

Early in the investigation, law enforcement believed the two were runaways and had an intent to go to Flint, Michigan, but the families stand firmly against that statement, citing the two young women left with nothing, no clothing, purses or identification. 

The case remained cold and silent until 1985. Police were told that the two were murdered by ‘two area men’ and buried by a barn. The barn was a popular location for teenage parties in the area. The location was searched with the assistance of cadaver dogs, but the search provided no evidence of human remains at the scene. There isn’t any information regarding the owner of the property. 

In recent efforts DNA and dental records were obtained for both young women and both were used to compare against the unidentified decedents file. 

In 2010, a new detective was assigned to the cold case and witness interviews proceeded. In 2013, the police stated they had a person of interest in the case, though they needed further information to proceed. 

If you or anyone you know have any information regarding the disappearance of Patricia Spencer and Pamela Hobley, please contact :
Oscoda Township Police Department

989-739-9113 or  989-362-1430


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