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Have you ever laid in the fresh cut grass and stared at the white puffy clouds moving across the sky? What do you see when you look at them? Do you see shapes or faces? If so, you may have Pareidolia. What’s that? Pareidolia is an incorrect perception of a stimulus as an object, pattern or something meaningful. This is mostly harmless, we see faces in the moon or clouds that look like dragons. All normal, harmless and actually kind of fun… it only becomes dangerous when we assign meaning to what we are seeing. When someone sees Jesus in a burnt piece of toast and then shares that with millions and they all begin worshipping a piece of toast… Yes, that’s when it becomes dangerous. At one time, pareidolia was thought to be a symptom of psychosis, but American author and astrophysicist Carl Sagan said it came from our need to recognize faces quickly. As long as you aren’t worshipping the cloud dragons in the sky… I’m pretty sure it’s still ok to see shapes and faces in the clouds, or in tires, or another object. 

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