Twitter voicemail & Flight 370

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Imagine receiving a strange voicemail, posting about it and going viral overnight. That is exactly what happened to Ty.

On March 9th 2018 a Twitter user with the username Strayedaway tweeted the following,

“Ok I am sitting in my car right in front of my house in my car and this guy started taking pictures of my house? With flash???? Then he walked away? Literally what the fuck it’s 3 am I am going to die tonight.”

Three days later on March 13th 2018 the twitter user Ty who owned the strayedaway username posted again. This time it was a strange voicemail he received.

“I really need y’all to listen to this voicemail I just got… i am deactivating my cell phone service”

He posted a video of the voicemail in the Nato phonetic alphabet. This is often used in military communications. It’s a special alphabet created by a series of international agencies that assigned 26 code words to the letters of the English alphabet.

Once Ty translated the voicemail it read. “Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate, be cautious they are not human SOS danger SOS.”

There were also a series of numbers much too long to be a phone number. After posting the voicemail translation to twitter, another twitter user put the numbers into google maps and it gave coordinates.

These coordinates were close to where Malaysian flight 370 had gone missing in March of 2014.

It is my belief that the entire world held its breath on the night of March 8th, 2014, as we had all learned that the Boeing 777 that took off from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia had gone missing. Heading towards Beijing, it ascended to its assigned altitude of 35,000 feet. 27 year old Fariq Hamid was flying the plane that night. This would have been his last training flight, he would soon be a fully certified pilot. Fariq was to fly the plane on this night while Captain Zaharie would handle the radios.

Fariq was accompanied by the pilot in command, 53 year old Zaharie Ahmad Shah, who was a senior captain at Malaysia Airlines. In the cabin of the flight there were 227 passengers, 5 of them children and 10 flight attendants.

All seemed well, though some would say Captain Zaharie’s radio transmissions were slightly off. Some time after 1 am, there was the final communication between Zaharie and air traffic control.

He did not read the frequency as he should have and simply said goodnight with the flight number, but no one suspected anything was off.

The flight’s cockpit audio was released in 2014 as well as debris from the plane was found in 2015. You’re about to hear a few clips of the cockpits audio.

Back to Ty now, the Twitter user that had received the strange voicemail. He began receiving direct messages from various users. He started tweeting the direct messages he was receiving. They were in different languages and some were even in morse code. One message he translated from Indonesian said, “end the post you just shared about the recording on your phone”

Many twitter users quickly began to translate the morse code and believed it to say, “They are taking over, April 18th 2018)

Erin Mahoney, a twitter user who was following the strange situation tweeted “Kinda close to the last place the Malaysia flight 370 had it’s last primary radar contact…”

Twitter user Uzumaki responded to Erin stating, “what if you’re hearing the black box recording???!????” this user also said, “And a black box records the last interactions with a plane, THAT’S WHY ITS AN SOS AND SAVE OUR SHIP IT WAS TRYING TO WARN US.” Going on he further explained on Twitter, “Also and this is just to add on to my theory because a black box records an audio message it also records flight information as well, which is why it gives us coordinates.

Other twitter users questioned “if these black box recordings match the voicemail could this mean Malaysia flight 370 encountered something nonhuman…Twitter user Uzumaki responded by saying, “the message was saying to evacuate because ‘they are not human’ something or someone on that plane wasn’t human.

The pilot’s good night was the last words from the pilot after the flight disappeared. Some speculate that the pilot sounded distressed or even distracted. Others state they can hear a strange sound before the final goodnight.

With all of the attention shifted to Ty, he closed his account on twitter and opened a second account. This led some users to believe this was a hoax. Then Erin Mahoney, the user that found the coordinates, tweeted, “Can we all just agree that this isn’t true… I regret every saying this. It was literally the most far fetched conspiracy theory and I don’t believe it. Never thought it would be hyped up this much. Can everyone relax now?”

Some speculated that Ty wasn’t real and maybe Erin was not either and the entire thing was a hoax, though popular youtuber, Shane Dawson met with Ty on cam and proved he was real. Though it’s not quite clear why Ty was chosen to receive that message, he explained that he would have no reason to create a hoax as he hated all of the attention. Then there is the actual message. It sounds looped and the sound could support the theory that we are hearing the black box… But could a black box have survived for four years?

What do you think? Did Flight 370 simply crash? Or was there an encounter with an extraterrestrial ? I suppose we just leave this to the realms of the Unexplained…

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