Is our government suppressing free or alternative energy?!Free energy suppression is a theory claiming that there is viable, pollution-free, no cost energy in our world that we aren’t allowed to use. Claims that this energy is being suppressed by government, large corporations,scientists, etc. Conspiracists believe that there are devices, which include, perpetual motion machines, cold fusion generators as well as other low cost energy sources. These claims began to surface around the mid-19th century and theories have grown and morphed into full on accusations against government, scientists as well as other advocacy groups. Image result for moray valveIs it possible that a scientific genius like Nikola Tesla or Linus Pauling, to name a few, could have invented a device that has not been made public? It would be the first time a genius inventor created a substantial source of energy. Look at The Moray valve, created by Dr. T. Henry Moray. Through the 1920s and 30s, Moray invented a device capable of delivering measurable electric power, designed to capture zero point energy and convert it to electricity. Though it weighed 60 pounds, it was capable of generating 50,000 watts of electricity over a span of several hours. Dr. Moray used an analogy to explain the valves. He described  the valve was similar to a one way gate that allowed ocean wave to flow into each valve, but it did not flow back out. He accomplished this with a mixture of triboluminescent zinc, semiconductor material and radioactive material inside the tube. The combo formed a rounded pellet, acting ast the gate for the high frequency inside the space. This was considered the secret of the device. If Moray did this in the 20s, isn’t it possible we have created more free energy in the 21st century?  Let’s look at Stanley Meyer, he developed a water fuel cell. He claims that car fitted with a device could use water as fuel instead of gas. There are reports that the US government as well as other countries offered upwards of a billion dollars to stop developing this free energy. In 1998, Stanley died while eating dinner in a restaurant. Is the government trying to stop alternative energy sources? Scientist, Eugene Mallove, was a proponent of cold fusion and believed in alternative energy. In 1999, Mallove, wrote the book Fire from Ice: Searching for the Truth Behind the Cold Fusion Furor. The book discussed a conspiracy theory that many feel caused his death. What if it wasn’t a theory? Eugene Mallove was murdered in 2004 in his form childhood home. He was cleaning the rental home during the murder. Three people were charged in connection with the killing. Is this a suppression of free energy??!!What are your thoughts?  


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