Polybius, a mysterious coin operated video game

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How far do you think the government would go to control our minds? Before cell phones, laptops, video game consoles and other technology, there were coin operated video games. You know the ones that have a screen inside a giant cabinet…Image result for polybiusThe urban legend states that a mysterious coin operated game, named, Polybius, showed up in a suburb in Oregon, in 1981. The game apparently always had long lines with anxious gamers impatiently waiting for their turn to play. During my research, I was unable to determine what type of game Polybius was. I have no idea whether it was similar to Pac Man or CentipedeObviously, since this is an urban legend, there is the possibility, that this game never existed, which is why we have no real detail about the game itself. What we do have is story after story of the effects of the game. Leading most to believe that the game was used by the government to control the minds of those who used the game. There are so many varying stories, but they all end the same, the game player, ends up ill or dies. One story states one young boy suffered from an intense migraine headache the first playing the game, while another player suffered from a heart attack and ultimately died as a result. Other side effects reported after playing the game included, nausea, nightmares, seizures, suicide, and a loss of control of their own minds. Could this mystery game truly have been the government controlling our minds through a seemingly harmless form of entertainment? Or could it have been sending subliminal messages to its users.  Rumors stated that Men in Black would often maintain the machines, but were actually collecting data from the machines. We may never know the true origins of this game or if it is a government experiment, but you can watch this urban legend come to life in film! 

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