Encountered a Melon Head?!

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Hydrocephalus is water on the brain. A buildup of fluids in the cavities of the brain, it places pressure on the brain and can cause a deformity in the head. In Michigan in the 1970s, urban legend believed there were many children who lived with the condition causing them to be deformed and labelled, “Melon Heads”. The Urban Legend states they were housed in the Junction Insane Asylum, which was located near the Felt Mansion. 

Felton Mansion – Photo – Wikipedia

Some stories claim the asylum closed, other stories state after they were abused they became feral and staff released them into the forests as they were uncontrollable. Though the local historical society claims the asylum never existed, it states the location was actually a prison at one time. 

Other versions of this urban legend state these melon head children lived in the Felt Mansion, but left to live in local caverns. Descriptions of the melon heads are varying, depending on the source. One version describes them to have a bald head, large misshapen forehead, with arms and legs that are deformed. Teeth that resemble daggers and red eyes. 

Many sightings occurred around Holland, Michigan, though other sightings were reported in Ohio and Connecticut. 

The claim is that Melon Heads hide in wait of unsuspecting humans and prey upon them. Do you have a Melon Head story, share it with us! 

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