Vatican’s Secret Archive

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What’s actually in the Vatican’s Secret Archive?Many actually believe this extensive archive houses evidence of extraterrestrial life, or ancient text proving Jesus existed or proof of demons…. The archives are called Archivum Secretum Apostolicum Vaticanum, their Latin name.  This vast collection of events was once browsed through by Napoleon and was even moved to Paris. The entire archive spans 12 centuries and houses 53 miles of books. Image result for Vatican's Secret ArchiveObviously, everyone wants to know why would the powerful Roman Catholic Church feel that they need to keep these documents secret? Most conspiracy theorist believe that these archives actually hold proof that Jesus did in fact exist as well as the whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail, and True Cross. What’s even stranger is that no one is allowed in the archives, not even the cardinals! If you want to see a document from the archives you must ask in advance and must know if the item you’re requesting even exists.To date, there have only been four people to have had access into the archives, Cardinals Raffaele Farina (the librarian/archivist) Jorge Maria Mejia and Luigi Poggi (Archivists) and the Prefect of the Secret Archives Sergio Pagano. There is only one way into the archives and it is heavily guarded by the Swiss Guard Patrols. Though in more recent years, the rules have relaxed a little, allowing for researchers and scholars to request up to three folders a day. On the 400th anniversary of the Archive, the Vatican made 100 items available for public viewing for the first time  ever. Of the 100 documents we know of a few that have been brought to light. The Papal Bull from Pope Leo X Excommunicating Martin LutherTranscripts from the trial of the knights of TemplarCorrespondence regarding the Trial of GalileoLetters from Pope Pius IX from Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. The Doctrine of the Immaculate ConceptionThe Design of a Flying Machine invented by a Brazilian PriestThat’s just a few… The best part of the this archive is the theories that go with it… For example, some believe that there is information regarding the apocalypse… information that the Virgin Mary revealed to three children a century ago. Or that a Benedictine Monk built a time machine called the Chronovisor to go back in time and film Jesus’ crucification. So what do you think? Is there really something hidden in these archives or is the Vatican simply trying to preserve them? Leave your comments!


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