Disappearance of Keith Reinhard

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In 1988 Keith Reinhard realized he needed to take some time away from his busy life… For 23 years, Keith was a writer, well a sports reporter for a Chicago newspaper. So at age 48, he decided to transform into a better version of himself. Growing his hair long and growing a beard, he took a three month sabbatical leave from work. He went to Silver Plume, Colorado, a beautiful town located within the Colorado Rockies. Its population was 130 at this time. Keith’s plans were to get in better health, mind, body and soul. He planned to do this by mountain climbing to get in shape and assist in overcoming his fear of heights. He would also begin writing a novel.Keith had a friend in Silver Plume, Ted Parker, a long time friend. Ted ran a local café, which inspired Keith to want to open an antique store that would focus heavily on the summer tourism in the small town. Keith felt if he could make a strong life in this small town, he and his wife Carolyn could relocate there permanently at one point. Keith and Ted had been friends for 40 years and considered each other brothers. The two had grown up across the street from each other and shared years of memories. Keith had shared with Ted that he took this time to live his dreams before turning 50.  Keith acquired his antique store. It was located right across the street from Ted’s cafe on Main street and was a bookstore prior. The bookstore had been owned by Tom Young. Tom Young disappeared nine months prior on September 7th of 1987.  It was said that Tom closed his bookstore and told people he and his dog, Gus, would be taking a trip to Europe. Though after three weeks had passed locals became worried and suspicious that something was wrong.When Keith learned Tom’s story, he chose this to be the topic of his novel, though it would be fictional. He created the main character and named him Guy Gypsum. The character would be a combination of himself and Tom. Keith quickly became obsessed with Tom’s story and began speaking to anyone and everyone in Silver Plume who had known Tom. Keith’s family noticed that all he talked about was Tom’s disappearance. Though Keith would say, writers like to live the story, so they can write it more easily. Some family members wondered if Keith wanted to live the story.Ten months after Tom’s disappearance, on July 31st of 1988 two hunters were hunting on Republican Mountain, which is 1.5 miles from Silver Plume. The hunters found the remains of Tom Young and his dog Gus. They had both died from a bullet wound to the head. During the investigation, authorities found a revolver at the scene. Authorities later discovered that Tom had purchased the gun 4 days before he disappeared. The case was closed and ruled a suicide by the coroners office and the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Department.August 7th, 1988, one week after Tom’s body was discovered, Keith closed his antique store at 2:30pm and spent the afternoon walking through the small town of Silver Plume. He chatted with people around town and indicated he wanted to climb to the top of Pendleton Mountain.No one really thought he would go through with it as he was very fearful of heights. By 4pm that day Keith visited Ted’s café and told him he was planning to make it to the top of the mountain. He also asked Ted to call for a rescue if he didn’t make it back. Ted really didn’t take this too seriously. The climb up Pendleton Mountain would have been a six hour journey and a difficult one. Keith was last seen at 4:30pm walking towards the mountain. He was only wearing a flannel shirt with no jacket and no supplies. Keith did not return that night. The next day more than 125 men, trained dogs and helicopters searched for Keith.  Though it was like searching for a needle in the haystack. The terrain was rough and sloped at 60 degrees. Colorado Alpine rescue teams have had a 100 percent recovery rate for anyone they searched for… Except Keith. It’s as if he vanished into thin air. Friends of Keith later found a news article next to his computer and the headline read : Tom Young’s Body Found. The last words in his unfinished fictional novel about based on Tom were:Guy Gypsum changed into some hiking boots and donned a heavy flannel shirt. He understood Tom now and his motivation. Guy closed the door, then walked off towards the lush, shadowless, Colorado forest above.Before Keith’s disappearance he told friends he had always wanted to visit West Virginia and the night before he went missing he attended a party where he spent hours talking to a woman. Her name was Greta or Gretchen, she was from Denver. Authorities have always wanted to speak to this woman, but never were able to locate her.Did Keith have an accident while trying to climb the mountain? Or did he take his own life? Or did he simply walk away from his life. Maybe we will never know and need to leave this to the realms of the unexplained…

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