Sunken Forests

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Sunken forests? Sounds like something from a Sci-Fi flick, right? Here’s a few we’ve found. Lake KaindyImage result for sunken forestIn 1911, there was a powerful earthquake in the Tian Shan Mountains, in Asia. The force of the earthquake caused large amounts of the Limestone to fall and block off a small area in the forest, similar to a dam. As the rains came throughout the years, the blocked off area filled with water and Lake Kaindy was created. Today, the lake is a bright turquoise color, which is believed to be caused by the Limestone rubble. Since the forested area became a lake, there are many tree’s still standing and submerged in the water. The trees have no leafs or needles above the water, but beneath the water they are fully preserved! It is believed that the freezing temperatures of the water preserves the submerged trees. Udawalawe Reservoir, Sri LankaA dam was constructed around this existing forest. All that’s left are trees sticking up from the deep waters that are constantly replenished by the Walawe River. Lake Caddo, TexasCaddo Lake is located on the borders of Texas and Louisiana. It is 25,400 acres of wetlands. The area was inhabited by Native Americans called the ‘Caddo’s’ and according to their legends, the lake was formed by the New Madrid Earthquakes in 1811 -1812. The area is an internationally protected wetland included in the Ramsar Treaty. It is one of the largest flooded cypress forests in the U.S.

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