Who would think the happiest place on earth, could be the creepiest place on earth!? Though, according to many of the employees and guests there are some creepy things going on around this happy park. There is a rumor that guests sneak in the cremated ashes of their loved ones and scattered them in various locations in the park, particularly in the Haunted Mansion. Unfortunately, all areas of the park are swept, vacuumed and cleaned every night, those poor souls! If that’s not creepy enough, check out the underground tunnels, called Utilidors, which is short for utility corridors. The utilidors were built by Walt Disney so cast members could travel to various areas of the park without ruining the magic for the guests. Though the tunnels weren’t the only hidden piece of the park, in the early 1950’s, Walt Disney had an apartment built above the fire department on the Main Street of Disney Land, California. According to the company, Disney loved to sit at the window and watch the guests having fun. After his death, the company placed a light in the same window in his honor.  The creepiest Disney Land park, would have to be in Paris… it seems to be plagued with tragedy. In 2010, a Disney Land -Paris, chef committed suicide at the park. In 2013 another employee tried to light himself on fire and the same year a child flew out of a water ride and was severly injured. These incidents led to the nickname, ‘Le Stupid Castle Dumb Americans Built for a Fucking Mouse.’Ghosts have been rumored in the California park throughout the years. One particular sighting is of a young man who snuck into the park in 1966. The teenager crossed the Monorail track and was struck by the train and killed instantly. Passengers periodically report seeing this teen running alongside the train. In 1999, a guest wrote about the ride, ‘It’s a Small World’ stopping in the middle and guests asked to quickly exit. When the lights came up the guest took pictures and snapped an image of what appeared to be a child hanging from the rafters. No one knows whether a child was injured or the staff created this mischievious act.                            Do you have any creepy stories from Disney Land?! Share them with us!


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