Could childhood trauma, an obsession for dark games and Satanism, cause one to commit murder? This is the story of Sean Sellers, a 16 year old who murdered 3 individuals.

On May 18th, 1969, Sean Sellers was born to 16 year old mother, Vonda in California. His father was a very unstable alcoholic. His mother Vonda would divorce his father when he was around 4 years old, but went on to marry Paul Bellofatto, a cross country truck driver. His mother Vonda would often leave Sean with relative’s. When (they were) not travelling, Sean would live with his mother Vonda and stepfather Paul. Sean had very little stability as he had moved almost 30 times. Most would say Sean was very isolated as a child, but a very intelligent child, who did well academically. As Sean got older he became more detached from reality. 

Though close to his mother and stepfather when he was younger, it is reported that there was violence within the household and oftentimes Sean was humiliated. Sean’s mother Vonda was very abusive to Sean and at times his grandfather was abusive as well. 

At one point, Sean had stayed with an uncle who would make him wear diapers at the age of 12 and 13, because he wet the bed. At other times he was forced to wear the soiled diaper on his head all day if he wet the bed more than one night. Abuse and violence was very much a part of Sean’s childhood. His mother and stepfather carried guns everywhere they went and at an early age he was taught to hunt. During one hunting trip his uncle tried to have Sean step on an animal’s head, pull the legs and kill it. 

Frequently through his childhood he was called a wimp and taunted for not taking part in the violent acts that took place within the family. 

Around the age of six, Sean began hearing voices. The voices in his head would criticize him. At this age, he believed that everyone heard voices in their heads. As he got older paranoia set in and other odd behaviors. Such as brushing the rug in one direction to see if someone had entered his room while he was out  and adding threads to doors so no one could enter. 

By the time Sean was a teenager, he had extreme mood swings and became obsessed with the concept of good and evil and God and Satan. By 15, he was addicted to the game Dungeons & Dragons. Dungeon and Dragons  is a roleplaying game that allows each player to create a character to play. The characters have imaginary adventures within a fantasy setting.

By 16, he was immersed into Satanism and practicing satanic rituals daily. Using and storing vials of his own blood in his household refrigerator and at times taking it to school to drink it. 

Sean turned to self-mutilation and would stab sharp objects into his scalp. As time went on, Sean began to become involved in amphetamines to stay awake for long periods of time. This assisted him to perform his satanic rituals. He often dreamed of killing people or mutilating them while asleep. The more he had these thoughts, the more they turned to killing his parents. 

Sean would often talk about evil things and murder with his best friend Richard Howard. Both were immersed in Satanism and would talk about stealing money or rape, torture and violence. 

On September, 8th 1985 Sean Sellers went to a Circle K convenience store with friend Richard Howard in Northwest, Oklahoma City and shot the clerk, Robert Bower three times. Sean had told his friend Brent, he just wanted to know how it felt to kill someone. 

Prior to the murder the two teens were having conversations about murdering someone and they had performed a Satanic ritual and Richard grabbed his grandfather’s .357 revolver that jhad 5 shells loaded in it and also grabbed .22 rifle belonging to his brother. 

Sean Sellers nor his friend where suspects in the murder of Robert Bower, until March 5th, 1986. After several days of no sleep, taking speed and smoking weed, he dressed solely in black underwear, quietly went into parents bedroom where they were sleeping and shot them both in the head. His stepfather, 43 year old Paul Bellofatto was shot first, then his 32 year old mom Vonda, though he shot his mother in the face as she had awoken. 

After murdering his parents, he went on to stage the crime scene to make it appear that an intruder had entered the home and shot the couple. 

Once he was arrested he admitted he shot them because he was angry that his mother was interfering in a relationship with a girl from high school. He also had claimed he performed a satanic ritual prior to the murders. 

Many of Sean’s friends and relatives were very shocked as Sean always seemed so courteous, was doing well in school and had a love for comics and drawing. 

Both Sean Sellers and Richard Howard were both sentenced to Death Row for committing murder despite the courts discovering mental illness. 

Had he had proper treatment for what they later diagnosed as multiple personality disorder; he may have never committed those crimes. It wasn’t until 1992, that he was diagnosed by a team of mental professionals. 

During the trial, Sean Sellers claimed that he was practicing Satanism at the time he committed the murders and stated he was possessed by the demon Ezurate. There is a tale behind this demon’s name. It is said that it is a human, turned demon. More of a created demon. 

Sean stated this possession caused him to murder his parents and convenience store victim. During the trial his attorneys also argued that Sean had an addiction to the game Dungeons & Dragons further pushing him to murder his victims.

The jury never considered these claims and Sean Sellers was found guilty of multiple murders. He was sentenced to death in 1986. 

Was this young man possessed by a demon? Or was he mentally ill? We will never really know as he was executed in 1999… I guess we just leave this to the realms of the unexplained.


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