The Landing

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Rocket 66 Entertainment, myCinema and Random Media Present:Image result for mycinema The landingThe Landing is an extraordinary work of film making that in today’s fake news environment demonstrates how easy it is to fool the world. The film will set the bar for fake news propaganda that is so close to reality that determining whether The Landing is real or not real provides a challenge to the viewer like never before.In anticipation of NASA’s highly-anticipated 60th Anniversary (October 2018), The Landing is an investigative look at the rarely chronicled Apollo 18 mission that nearly destroyed an American institution. A fascinating and disturbing mystery that rocked the Apollo era, the film made waves throughout the 2017 film festival circuit, perplexing audiences and dividing opinions on what is fact, what is fiction and whether there exists something in the middle.From Rocket 66 Entertainment, myCinema TM and Random Media, The Landing is a faux documentary captured by filmmakers David and Mark Dodson featuring in-depth interviews conducted for the 25th anniversary of Apollo 18. It presents candid accounts from Apollo 18’s lone surviving astronaut, Bo Cunningham (portrayed by Don Hannah), in addition to commentary from loved ones of his perished crew mates, Ed Lovett and Al Borden. The interviews were conducted 20 years ago and have been tied up in endless litigation and courtroom battles that only now allowthe public the opportunity to see this explosive film.Join us in unraveling mysteries of the controversial Apollo 18 Mission and its tragic end, when The Landing arrives only in theaters on August 30th!

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