Exactly who is using your iPhone to spy on you? The government, FBI or simply your neighbors?!According to Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agent that leaked pages of previously classified NSA documents, believes that Apple’s iPhone has special software that authorities can remotely active to gather info about the phone user. Snowden may not be too far off on that theory… As it appears that Apple has banned an iPhone app that would let you know if you were being spied on…This app basically told you if there was software running on your phone or malware detected. So why such a fuss during the San Bernardino Shooting investigation?Image result for iphone spyThe iPhone controversy grew during the San Bernardino shootings, but if Apple doesn’t want its users to know who’s spying on them, why wouldn’t they grant the request to unlock the shooters phones? We would never know as the users?The government and FBI had requested numerous times that Apple unlock the phones of the shooters, but Apple feels this could set a dangerous precedent, allowing the US government control over privacy. Though, by not allowing users to track potential malware aren’t they controlling the user’s privacy too?!Apple’s head of service, Eddy Cue worries that the government will want Apple to infiltrate their users cameras, microphones, etc., which removes the user’s privacy, the government and FBI could monitor everybody’s lives if Apple gives in and unlocks phones. What do you think? Should Apple unlock the phones for the government during a crime? Should Apple allow it’s users to track malware or software?  Leave a comment!


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